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so yeah. real life. tumblr. inability to produce stuff. fanfictions. homestuck.

extranzia tagged me tho!

* You must post these rules.
* Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post,
and then create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.

You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
* Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
* No tag backs.
* No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."
You legitimately have to tag 10 people.
Watch your grammar!

(nuuuuh i dont know that many people here anymore and i already annoyed some people w/ tags, so do it if you want?)

1) Favourite colour?

black. hands down. followed by dark blue, green, red, and then neon orange.

2) What would you like to see me, Extranzia, write?


3) If you could do anything without consequence what would it be?

Redistribute wealth and government seats. and crush the patriarchy.

4) What do you dream of?

spending my life as an archivar or a librarian with old and valuable documents. or become an accomplished writer, but hahahahaha nice joke. i cant churn out enough to do that, sadly.
in terms of dream-dreams, usually weird shit.

5) Who is your favourite author?

Luka Grindstaff

6) How would you react if caught under mistletoe?

what mistletoe? -hides scissors behind back-

7) Looking back at this past year, what event would you change?

dont go home over the semester break, at least not for longer than 3 weeks. also get a plus guarantee for your new laptop so that when you let it fall down, it'll get repaired.

8) What would you do when invisible?

start making pics that wouldve been impossible otherwise. go to places i otherwise cant go. sell the pics, make money. have fun. maybe prank people?

9) Where would you travel to, if you could travel to any place either fictional or real?

ooooh, many places!! the incipisphere, my fantasy setting, the discworld....

10) Why did you first join DeviantArt?

good question. i dont remember any more, but i think to expose my creations to more people.

Ten questions for whoever wants to do this!
1) Ever pulled an all-nighter because of an interesting story you read? If yes, which story was it?
2) Is there a fictional character you'd like to meet?
3) Favourite article of clothing?
4) How often do you read a book/comic / watch a TV show/film and think "what would the characters from X do in this situation?"?
5) How often were you admonished for doodling/writing/sleeping in class?
6) Language(s) you want to learn?
7) Ever looked at a book/comic/tv show/film you absolutely loved as a child, now as an adult, and asked yourself how you could stand its flaws? If yes, name the show and some of its flaws, and maybe why you still like it?
8) What do your walls look like?
9) Imagine you are in charge of creating a video/computer game, what kind of game would it be?
10) A nonfictional person you'd like to hug?


SulZala's Profile Picture
whimsical Observant
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
hello have you seen my eyes

oh, there they are.

you wanted something? ... who i am? oh, no one important, i assure you. just some 20-year-old person living in berlin. i study library&information science, which has some very interesting topics and others that are just plain boring, and my secondary subject is computer science. sometimes, i art. sketches, literature, photography.

anything else? ... my ships? those are mostly homestuck atm, ya know? ... dont say i didnt warn you.

Flagship / OTP: Johnkat
OT3: John/Karkat/Jade

Main Fleet (Flushed ships):
Grand Highblood/Redglare
Dad Egbert/Mom Lalonde
Dad Egbert/Bro Strider
Condesce/Psiioniic (onesided)
Dave/John (onesided)
Eridan/Meenah (onesided)

Supporter Fleet (Pale Ships) (guys i need more moirallegiance ships):
Psiioniic/Condesce (onesided)

Supporter Fleet #2 (black ships):
Eridan/Rose (onesided)

Supporter Fleet #3 (Ashen ships, auspisticing party in the middle):
Past Karkat / Jade / Future Karkat
Signless / Disciple / the world
Dirk / John / Dave
Roxy / Aradia / Rose

Unholy Duos:
Gamzee & John & Jane (trio, all 3 combos included)
Sollux & Roxy
Mom Lalonde & Bro Strider
Mindfang & Vriska
Redglare & Terezi
Disciple & Nepeta
Psiioniic & Signless
Meenah & Dirk
Dolorosa & Kanaya
John & Vriska

I'm always open to new ships, as evidenced by the recent addition of Sollux/Rose to my shipping list. Yes, Karkat and Sollux are the village two-wheeled devices. They're both just insanely shippable, especially Karkat EVERYONE GO HOME SOLLUX IS THE VILLAGE TWO-WHEELED DEVICE
This fandom made me embrace having multiple, mutually exclusive ships and not giving two cents about it, and instead shipping all of them instead of trying to choose.

Ships of other fandoms:
NaruHina (Naruto)
Agatha/Gil (Girl Genius)
Agatha/Tarvek (Girl Genius)
Zeetha/Higgs (Girl Genius)
Darkrai/Cresselia (Pokemon)
Latias/Rayquaza (Pokemon)
Zuko/Katara (Avatar: TLA)
Kiel'ndia/Nau'kheol (Drowtales)
Kiel'ndia/Naal'suul (Drowtales)
Ariel/Faen (Drowtales)
Ariel/Nau'kheol (Drowtales)
Ariel/Chirinide (Drowtales)
Shala/Sarnel (Drowtales)
Chi-Min/June (Haru-Sari)
Michelle/Greg (Skin Deep)
(I'll add more if I remember any)

Something else? ... ... ... fine. This is what my homestuckesque introduction would be:
Your name is Jessica [REDACTED], you're 20 years old, and you have been described with the following terms: walking black hole, undead, cold-blooded. You find they describe you quite accurately, and though some may think they're insulting, you actually find them quite flattering. You have problems concentrating at times. There are times when everything just feels so fundamentally wrong that you can't even bear to listen to the music that usually calms you down. You dislike those times. On the topic of music, you are a metalhead and folkrocker. Your sleep cycle is fucked up beyond recognition.
Your other hobbies include reading (mostly mystery and fantasy), acting, drawing, gaming and taking walks during thunderstorms, which are insanely soothing.
Your chumhandle tumblr is whimsicalobservant, and your smileys have four eyes.
And while you have your moods and come across as annoying or hostile at times, you're actually a bit shy and a good listener.

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